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Choose trade over trade-offs

Type approval isn’t the same as compliance. Even if a ballast water treatment system is certified, it may not get your vessel where it needs to go. Compliance Navigator is a new tool for ensuring that the system you choose complies not just on paper – but also where you sail.

Match ballast and business with Compliance Navigator

There’s one thing you don’t want in ballast water treatment: limits on your business. Although type approval certificates define System Design Limitations, the ways they affect you can be difficult to see. Compliance Navigator takes the mystery out of selection, by comparing potential systems with the conditions and limitations on your vessel’s trade routes.

What Compliance Navigator does

Compliance Navigator guides you through key parameters and decisions in selecting a ballast water treatment system. The tool will help you:

  • Find and understand key criteria
  • Identify a system to meet your requirements
  • Explore an Alfa Laval PureBallast 3 solution in detail
  • Evaluate the importance of service and support

How Compliance Navigator works

Compliance Navigator uses a simple, step-by-step approach to identify your needs and find a potential solution. The tool has two main sections:

Define your vessel and trade route

After selecting your vessel type – which can influence the solution and configuration you need – Compliance Navigator asks you to choose ports of call from an interactive map. For each port you choose, you’ll see information about conditions* that may impact your choice of system, plus relevant information about PureBallast 3.
* All parameters and conditions are gathered from reliable third-party sources.

Explore and refine your potential solution

Based on your vessel and route, Compliance Navigator will suggest a PureBallast 3 system to meet your needs. You can then explore its components or refine the recommendation by adjusting the flow and other parameters. As a final step, you can download a summary of the issues on your trade route and the PureBallast 3 system that addresses them.

Try Compliance Navigator today

Working with Compliance Navigator is easy. You can find the tool and get started directly
at pureballast-compliancenavigator.com



Meet ballast regulations with ease

For many fleets, new ballast water regulations can seem incredibly complicated. Choosing the right equipment? Planning a retrofit? It can quickly become a lot to handle, but it doesn’t need to be that way! Alfa Laval has two decades of experience with ballast water treatment. Knowledge at your disposal – so you can keep sailing like you always have.

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Let’s Talk Ballast!

You have a lot to consider when dealing with new ballast water discharge rules. And our specialists are here to help. Let’s Talk Ballast! is a new live streaming series that’s part of Alfa Laval Marine Talks. In each episode, you can learn about a different important topic in the world of ballast water treatment. Get helpful hints and expert tips for planning your installation and beyond!

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