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Alfa Laval’s to share industry-leading innovation and expertise for natural refrigerants at virtual trade show

For the second year in a row, Alfa Laval will join partner shecco for the ATMO natural refrigerants virtual trade show (VTS). The focused, global online event is the closest thing to a live trade show for the HVAC & Refrigeration industry, and Alfa Laval experts will be on hand to present a range of innovations engineered to meet the challenges of working with hydrocarbons, ammonia and CO2. ATMO VTS will take place over a 24-hour period, from 10:00 CET on March 30 to 10 am CET on March 31.

“ATMO VTS 2021 will give that ‘real’ trade show feeling, which is much needed these days,” said Marc Chasserot, CEO of shecco. “The platform allows us to explore different halls, listen to live presentations, and make valuable connections with customers and suppliers from all over the world.”

The first ATMO VTS was held in September 2020, and it attracted more than 4200 attendees from 1500+ organizations around the world. For the 2021 edition, event organizers are expecting upwards of 10,000 registrations and more than 100 exhibitors of natural refrigerant products.

Alfa Laval will be among the “Premium” exhibitors at the event, with a virtual booth where customers can explore products, ask questions, download assets and learn about unique solutions for working with natural refrigerants.

“The transition to refrigerants with a lower climate impact is the major trend in heating and cooling right now,” says Fredrik Ekström, President for Business Unit Brazed & Fusion Bonded Heat Exchangers at Alfa Laval. “We hear from many customers that are looking to better understand how they can work with natural refrigerants, and we’re happy to be joining our partner shecco in bringing the industry together at this event to answer some of the most pressing questions of the day.”

A broad portfolio of leading innovations

While natural refrigerants solve the crucial challenge of reducing global warming potential (GWP), they create a variety of other challenges. From the high pressures associated with carbon dioxide applications, to the safety concerns that come from working with propane and ammonia, builders of heating and cooling systems have much to think about when switching to these refrigerants.

At the Alfa Laval booth, visitors to ATMO VTS will be able to browse from the market’s most complete portfolio of heat exchanger technologies designed specifically to respond to these challenges. This includes leading brazed and gasketed plate heat exchanger solutions, as well as semi-welded plate heat exchangers with a unique sealing design optimized for cascade systems using CO2 and ammonia.

“For over thirty years, Alfa Laval has been driving the innovation within heat exchanger development for natural refrigerants,” Fredrik Ekström continues. “At our virtual booth, we will be showing our latest innovations, including the Alfa Laval CB24 and Alfa Laval AXP82. We are excited to share that both of these unique launches have been nominated for ‘Innovation of the year!’”

A compact brazed plate heat exchanger, CB24 is the market’s first dedicated condenser that has been specifically optimized to operate with R290, with engineering that enables an unprecedently low refrigerant charge combined with increased thermal efficiency. The new AXP82, meanwhile, is a robust, frameless heat exchanger that provides a new level of support for transcritical CO2 duties, thanks to a design that ensures both very low pressures drop and very high fatigue resistance.

Sharing industry-leading knowhow in a live webinar

In addition to the virtual booth, Alfa Laval experts will be on hand to answer questions in one-on-one meetings. They will also be presenting a webinar on 30 March at 4pm CET on the subject of driving innovation for natural refrigerants.

“With a long history of working within challenging heating and cooling demands, Alfa Laval has amassed a wealth of unique knowledge that we have always been happy to share with our customers,” says Fredrik Ekström. “Over 650 people took part live in our first webinar [at the 2020 ATMO VTS], and several hundred more have since viewed the recording of the event. It’s great to know that we can share information on topics that are clearly of such great importance to so many in the industry right now!”

To learn more about Alfa Laval’s participation at ATMO VTS as well as our full portfolio of heat exchanger solutions for natural refrigerants, visit http://www.alfalaval.com/naturalrefrigerants.

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For further information, please contact:

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