Avoid losing separation performance when fuel density changes

Setting a separator’s oil/water interface with a gravity disc only works well if the right size disc is used. Choosing the right disc is simple if the oil density is well defined and stable, as it is with lube oils. But the fluctuating density of the new low-sulphur fuels makes the wrong choice a constant risk. By using Alfa Laval S separators with self-adjusting ALCAP® technology, you can always be sure of the best separation performance – with reduced fuel losses and fewer cat fines in the cleaned oil.

Alfa Laval S separators

Compact and flexible, Alfa Laval S separators protect your engine and fuel economy by means of ALCAP® technology and more. They automatically adapt to the nature of the oil, which minimizes fuel losses and maximizes cat fine removal.

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ALCAP® technology

By monitoring water content in the clean oil outlet, ALCAP technology automatically adjusts separator operation to the fuel’s density. This minimizes fuel losses while providing more efficient protection against damaging particles.