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Visual Condition Assessment

Optimize your gasketed plate heat exchanger for the future!

Gain insights about the actual condition of your Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchanger and optimize it for the future.

With Visual Condition Assessment we can help you gain insight about the state of equipment, detailed mechanical condition, need of repair and remaining gasket lifetime prediction: 

  • GPHE data 
  • Pictures of problem areas 
  • Thermal image of the GPHE 
  • Our findings and recommendations 

 You will get short-term and long-term maintenance recommendations.

With our recommendations you can plan the maintenance and Alfa Laval can give safety advice on the spot. 

Contact us and get an overview of the current condition of your GPHE for free.

What do you get from a VCA done by us?

Detailed report with thermal image and recommendations of each GPHE

After our visit we will provide you with a 1-page report for each unit we have assessed. The report will contain thermal image as well as other relevant images, heat exchanger data and our observations and recommendations for optimal performance.

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Fast execution - no need to open the units

VCA is best done with the unit in operation. This enables us to make a thermal image. Each unit is typically assessed in less than 5 minutes depending on size and accessibility.

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Notifications of potential safety and performance issues

Safety is on the top of our agenda in Alfa Laval. All our service technicians are trained to work in a safe manner, and they will let you know if they see any safety issues around your heat exchangers. Heat exchanger performance will be assessed based on the thermal image as well as on information from you. You can discuss performance with our service technician directly in front of the PHE.

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Get short- and long-term maintenance recommendations

Based on our findings and dialog with you, we can provide you short- ang long-term maintenance recommendations. This will enable you to plan maintenance and prioritize activities.

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Plan maintenance activities based on our findings

Most of our customers prefer planned maintenance over break-down repairs which are always inconvenient. Our findings and heat exchanger expertise will enable us to help you in prioritizing maintenance activities and choosing what to do now and what can be postponed.

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Contact us and get an overview of the current condition of your GPHE for free.

How can we help you?

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