Condition Monitoring Spare Parts for Separators

If your operating costs are too high, Alfa Laval has the knowledge and experience to lower your consumption of spare parts and save you money. Working together with Alfa Laval, you experience savings while maintaining the optimal performance of your separator and even improving its reliability.

What we do

Alfa Laval analyzes your spare parts purchases using the ship IMO number and the details/model of the unit where the spares will be used. After comparing your spare parts consumption with historical data, expected levels and benchmarking, our experts present you with findings and recommendations. By discussing the potential for cost-saving improvements with you, they help you to develop an action plan.

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  • Optimized performance at lowest operating costs
  • Predictable maintenance budget
  • Extended lifetime
  • High reliability
  • Reduced wear on downstream equipment
  • Insights and proactive improvements in identified focus areas

Scope of service

Condition Monitoring Spare Parts involves:

  • Registration of spare parts

    Each spare part ordered is recorded together with the IMO number of the ship and the serial number of the unit where it will be used. You will be asked to provide these numbers when ordering so that Alfa Laval has the necessary information to perform the service.
  • Regular analysis of spare parts consumption

    The delivery of spare parts is compared with historical data, expected consumption levels and benchmarking.
  • Presentation of findings
    In most cases Alfa Laval makes cost-saving recommendations 1-2 times per year, though other intervals can be mutually agreed upon. Thorough discussion of the recommendations follows.

Condition Monitoring Spare Parts is available in most countries for both fuel and lube oil separators. Alfa Laval recommends performing the service when:

  • Predictable maintenance budget is important
  • Maintenance costs are high
  • Consumption of parts is high
  • Uptime is not up to expectation
  • Performance of high-speed separators is critical


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