Webinar | Reach the lowest operating cost with certified performance


AHRI (Air-conditioning, Heating & Refrigeration Institute) has the only performance certification program for plate heat exchangers. Initially intended for the HVAC industry in North America, it has since 2012 been stretching for the global market and is also used for other industries.

In this webinar we will discuss and show the advantages of third-party performance certification of heat exchangers through concrete examples. You’ll learn how to utilize AHRI for lowest operating costs and energy savings with guaranteed performance.

What’s in it for you?

We’ll show which values and benefits AHRI delivers in the different phases:

  • From quotation to operation
  • During the project life cycle supporting efficiency
  • Energy savings and lowest possible operating cost

About the speaker:

Mårten Ahlm is a global business developer and application expert in HVAC with strong focus on efficiency and sustainability. He is also the Industry Manager for district energy in Alfa Laval where his experiences and network in the global heating and cooling markets are useful and can serve as inspiration when implementing new ideas in the local market.

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