Webinar | How to meet ballast water regulations the easy way


Do the Ballast water regulations give you a headache? The whole process can seem very complicated. But it doesn’t need to be that way. By choosing the right ballast water treatment system, prepare for the installation, with the right knowledge – and the right partner by your side – you can keep it simple and keep sailing as usual.

Listen to our webinar on-demand where we will give you insights how to choose a ballast water treatment system, regulations to consider, installations tips and how to stay in compliance.


This is what we will cover during the one-hour webinar:

- What is important when choosing a ballast water treatment system
- What regulations to consider
- Installation phase - design, class approval, , commission and more
- Project execution
- Service
- Connectivity, remote support
- Stay in compliance (CIP, CSP, service network (IMS)
- Alfa Laval’s support during the whole process

The webinar is held in English.


About the speakers

Jeppe Malmmose, Harald Halstensen and Raymond Johansen have all been working with Ballast Water Treatment Systems for more than 6 years. Combined they have broad experience within equipment and solutions for vessels of different sizes.

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