Webinar | Data Center cooling – Heat plants for the future

How can data centers become heat plants for the future but still manage to cool the IT-equipment?


Data centers have various opportunities to become more sustainable, efficient and profitable. With the right heat transfer solutions for cooling and heat recovery they can step into the future of green IT.

Alfa Laval has been a trusted partner to the IT industry for decades, working with customers to design reliable, environmentally friendly data center cooling systems. With 80+ years’ experience in thermal technology, we offer expertise to enable new opportunities for free cooling and energy savings in server rooms of all sizes, all around the globe.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Why we must utilize data centers as heat plants
  • How to benefit from heat recovery
  • How to utilize different cooling opportunities
  • How to design for lifetime performance

About the speakers:

Together our three experts have decades of experience within heat transfer in various industries, and during the last years they have been specializing on data centers.

Jim Carlsson focuses on data center heat transfer processes and has a long experience with applications using air as well as liquids. Rolf Jönsson has worked within the HVAC and district energy sector for many years, and Petter Carlberg is an experienced engineer in heat transfer equipment.

The team sees endless opportunities to make the data center industry much more sustainable than it is today.

Datacenter webinar

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