Sustain efficiency with our ten top tips for WSAC/HYAC heat exchangers

To ensure high performance, reliability, and energy efficiency, an Alfa Laval WSAC or HYAC must be serviced at regular intervals, just like any other industrial equipment.

In these videos, we give you our ten top tips for maintaining and servicing your WSAC or HYAC system safely and preserving your heat exchanger in top
condition. And you are of course always most welcome to contact us should you need our help.

WSAC hero

Ensure water quality

Ensure proper water treatment and blowdown.

Check the water level

Make sure the spray-water pressure and the basin’s water level are correct. Adjust the float valve if necessary.

Clean pump screens

Check spray pump screens for debris and clean as necessary.

Verify temperatures

Check process temperatures and pressures – inlet and outlet.

Clean tube surfaces

Check the tube surfaces for debris and scale. Clean as necessary.

Check spray nozzles

Check spray nozzles to ensure good spray coverage. Contact Alfa Laval Niagara Service for cleaning and replacement options.

Inspect rotating equipment

Check rotating equipment (fans, motors, pump skid) for noise or excessive heat. Lubricate motors as required.

Check the electrical system

Have a trained professional check the electrical system periodically.

Keep critical spares in stock

Maintain stock of essential spare parts with long lead times.

Perform regular audits

Let an Alfa Laval Niagara equipment specialist perform regular condition audits to optimize maintenance and maximize performance.