System för oljeraffinering av ätbar olja

Considering a new edible oil refinery or upgrading an existing one? Alfa Laval has decades of experience and a proven track record as a preferred and trusted partner for the industry. We inspire and advise customers – from initial concept, design and installation to support and services throughout the lifetime of the plant.

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Benefits of our refining equipment

  • Robust and flexible process designs based on reliable, high-quality equipment
  • Industry-leading product quality and yields
  • Options for value-added by-products (lecithins, soapstock splitting, micronutrients from distillates)
  • Minimal use of water and energy
Our specialists are eager to work with you to identify the optimum design for your market based on the crude oils available, the target product qualities and the local conditions. Let us collaborate with your team to provide you with cutting-edge design to position your business for continuous growth.

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