Bearbetning av frukt och grönsaker

Vill du minska energi- och vattenförbrukningen samtidigt som du ökar hygiennivåerna och produktkvaliteten? Alfa Lavals utrustning och bearbetningslösningar för drycker kan hjälpa dig.

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Unique capabilities

Alfa Laval core technologies play a central role in separating, concentrating, heating and cooling the pulp, fibre, juice and water content of the juices and purées derived from fruit and vegetables. Our unique capabilities make it possible to do this with less waste, lower energy consumption and more effective recovery of revenue-generating by-products.

 The innovative advantage

Alfa Laval has a proud tradition of providing fruit and vegetable processing operations with advanced-technology opportunities. Alfa Laval invented aseptic processing (UHT), and we have had a business unit dedicated solely to fruit processing requirements for well over half a century.

In the high-volume processing of juices and purées for world commodity markets, Alfa Laval technological innovation can therefore provide you with a key advantage in getting – and keeping – ahead.