Framställning av kemiska intermediat

Vare sig det gäller framställning av formaldehyd, polyoler, organiska syror, aminer eller andra petrokemiska halvfabrikat har Alfa Laval expertisen och ett brett utbud av värmeväxlare, kondensatorer, dekantrar och separationsutrustning för att motsvara industrins behov. Alfa Laval-utrustningens tillförlitlighet och stryktålighet är inte enbart en till godo utan ger också lönsamhet åt processerna för kemiska halvfabrikat.

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Optimizing intermediate chemicals production processes

Alfa Laval offers a comprehensive range of efficient and durable plate, spiral and gasketed heat exchangers, condensers reboilers, decanters and separation equipment for the intermediate petrochemicals industry. Whether you are producing formaldehyde, polyols, organic acids, amines or other intermediate petrochemicals, Alfa Laval has the equipment and expertise to meet your needs.

 Compact Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers offer a closer temperature approach between the hot and cold media in your heat exchangers, thereby recovering significantly more heat than traditional shell-and-tube units. This enables you to  recover and reuse energy, thereby reducing CO2 emissions from your plant.

For instance, Alfa Laval heat exchangers significantly reduce fouling. This means that your equipment requires less frequent cleaning, which minimizes downtime. Moreover, equipment can be easily cleaned by hydroblasting or by using a Cleaning-in-Place module.

Balaji Amines Ltd. in India is a good example of how investment in Alfa Laval Compabloc plate heat exchangers exceeded expectations. Steam consumption was slashed by 40% compared to using comparable shell-and-tubes. This revolutionized the plant’s thermal efficiency and significantly cut the time required to realize return on investment. The use of the Alfa Laval Compabloc for amine production here proved to be a perfect choice due to the unit’s reliability, efficiency and durability, even when handling aggressive media at high temperatures and high pressures. Nearly maintenance-free, Compabloc can be cleaned in a few hours instead of the few days required to clean shell-and-tubes.