Framställning av saltsyra

Hög värmeeffektivitet och extrem korrosionsbeständighet är kritiskt för storskalig framställning av saltsyra. För att uppfylla de kraven kombinerar Alfa Lavals sortiment av Diabon® grafitplattvärmeväxlare vår expertis inom värmeöverföringsteknik med det kunnande om grafitprocessutrustning som finns inom SGL Group.

Hydrochloric acid production 640x360

Optimizing hydrochloric acid production

As a world-leading provider of heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies, Alfa Laval has the expertise and broad range of equipment and services to meet the requirements of large-scale hydrochloric acid production.

Moreover, the compact design of Alfa Laval Diabon® plate heat exchangers deliver higher thermal efficiency using less floor space than any graphite bloc or conventional shell-and-tube heat exchangers. Specially designed corrugated plate patterns that promote high turbulence maximize heat transfer efficiency and uptime.

Alfa Laval has the expertise, equipment and services you need for virtually any process – from condensing vapours to cooling finished acid. Whether producing hydrochloric acid for the surface treatment of metals, the production of chloride salts, oil well stimulation, food processing, ore processing or other industrial applications, count on Alfa Laval to reduce costs and increase yields.