NPK production

Ökade energikostnader, miljökrav och global efterfrågan på livsmedel tvingar tillverkarna av NPK-gödningsmedel att öka effektiviteten. De mycket komplexa och korrosiva processerna försvårar det. Tillverkare av gödningsmedel med ett eller flera näringsämnen kan lita på att Alfa Lavals robusta och korrosionsbeständiga plattvärmeväxlare Diabon® är långlivade och ökar produktiviteten.

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Improving efficiency for NPK fertilizer production

Producing NPK fertilizers involves mixing the precise ratios of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in highly corrosive environments. Alfa Laval can help increase uptime, boost heat recovery and realize fast return on investment.

The Alfa Laval Diabon® range of heat exchangers features unique graphite plates with outstanding corrosion-resistant properties. These withstand the harshest environments, ensuring long equipment life with maximum uptime and minimal fouling, stress and fatigue.

Compact and flexible, our Diabon graphite plate heat exchangers typical take up only 40% of the space required for comparable shell-and-tube and carbon block heat exchangers. This frees up valuable floor space and makes it easy to install in confined spaces to boost the capacity of existing plants.

Efficient Diabon® plate heat exchangers give Belgium fertilizer plant “license to operate”

An old-fashioned open cooling system threatened to leave Tessenderlo Chemie’s potassium sulphate fertilizer plant in Ham, Belgium with hydrochloric acid contaminated waste streams that would put the facility’s profitability at risk. Alfa Laval had the solution.

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