Hydrogen production

Refineries are investing in hydrogen processes to secure increasing supply demands in hydrotreatment processes. Process economy is highly dependent on energy recovery from the process gas to generate superheated high-pressure steam. An Alfa Laval OLMI waste heat boiler system is tailormade for doing this, and providing the highest efficiency and reliability while doing so.

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Optimizing refinery hydrogen production processes

High operating temperatures, high pressures and hydrogen content place high demands on the quality and reliability of equipment used for hydrogen production. Alfa Laval has the expertise, proven  technology and a broad range of services to meet these needs.

Increasing reliability in hydrogen production

For the production of hydrogen, process gas is mixed with superheated steam at elevated temperatures of up to 1000°C (1832°F) in the presence of a catalyst.

Excess process heat recovered is used to generate high-pressure superheated steam in a waste heat boiler system.

There are very high requirements put on this system. Not only should it maximize energy recovery from the process gas to maximize steam production, but the high temperatures and process gas flow rates also subject the equipment to high stress and risk of failure.

Alfa Laval OLMI waste heat boiler systems are designed for maximum tolerances and reliability. The patented OLMI design for gas by-passing minimizes the risk for metal dusting. Proper design and material selection also minimizes the risk of tube sheet failures and tube bundle buckling. What’s more, high quality, crevice-free full penetration or internal bore welding minimizes the risk of cracks in tube-to-tube-sheet welds.

In addition, all mechanical designs are verified by finite element analysis (FEA).

Increased capacity

To maximize steam production, the entire waste heat boiler system must be optimized in terms of waste heat boiler design as well as the layout and elevation of the risers and drum.

Alfa Laval optimizes boiler efficiency by providing maximal heat transfer area in single boilers as well as minimized risk of maldistribution in the gas inlet chamber.

Full scope of delivery

Alfa Laval not only can provide the boiler feed water preheaters, waste heat boiler, steam drum and steam superheater.  We also provide engineering and EPC services for the entire waste heat boiler system. This includes disassembly of the existing system as well as design, supply, erection and commissioning of the new system.

Proven hydrogen production technology

Alfa Laval OLMI equipment can be found in hydrogen plants around the world. The scope of supply ranges from single process gas coolers or waste heat boilers to complete systems.

Moreover, Alfa Laval Compabloc and DuroShell exchangers are commonly used for the final syngas cooling in steam-reforming or pressure-swing-adsorption plants to minimize the total installed costs of equipment as well as to reduce plot space and cooling water requirements.