Kylning av motorvätska

With their effective heat transfer, ease of cleaning and high versatility, Alfa Laval gasketed plate heat exchangers have become standard equipment for efficient engine liquid cooling. We continuously update and extend the range to include new technical features and design innovations.

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Gasketed plate heat exchangers

Gasketed plate heat exchangers (PHEs) from Alfa Laval are an ideal answer to engine cooling needs. The plates are created with an advanced one-step pressing technique, forming thin but strong plates that handle shocks, vibrations and high pressure.

The plate design is well suited to engine cooling, which means that fewer plates are necessary and maximum use is made of the available pressure drop. Central coolers, lube oil coolers and jacket water coolers are the most common application areas. Special PHEs with a double-wall plate configuration offer additional safety when used as transformer oil coolers.